Boxing is a world wide sport that can be taken up at any age. Amateur boxing is fought with the headgear and generally over 3 rounds whereas professional bouts are fought without headgear and can be up to 12 rounds in duration.

The rounds may last for 2 or 3 minutes with a one-minute rest period between rounds. There are 16 weight divisions varying from 45kgs to over 90kgs. A boxer will always be fighting someone matching their own weight.


Training is generally twice a day six days a week for world-class boxers.

The morning session will generally be a run of around 2kms or occasionally a long swim.

The afternoon session will be a 1 and half program comprising skipping, stretching, hitting speed balls and heavy bags and abdominal work in the last 5 weeks leading up to a fight. The boxer will generally spar 3 nights per week with other gym members of roughly his ability.


Boxers must eat very healthy to maintain their fighting weight. Wholemeal bread, cereal, fruit, vegetables, pasta and white meat forms the bulk of a boxer’s diet. Like most sports it is wise to avoid eating less than 2 hours prior to competition.


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